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  • O2’s to Viet Nam

    The following account came to me as many items do, via e-mail. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of its content but found it to be an interesting glimpse into the “fringe area” between Military and civilian operations where throughout aviation history there have always been pilots operating in a state of chaos. An unsuccessful […]

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  • What’s up Doc?

    I am too young to remember World War II. I came along in 1951 well after Dad had taken a dunking in the vast Pacific when his Destroyer (Brownson) was blown apart by Japanese pilots in some minor battle. However, I have always marveled at the war effort and the machines that the United States […]

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  • Low Country Odyssey

    As a child of 9 or 10 my wife was somewhat of an equine “Phenom.” Long hours spent at the local riding stable resulted in her becoming an accomplished, award winning rider in “Hunter-Jumper” competitions; and she traveled the country with a horse and a trainer pursuing her love at every available opportunity. I personally […]

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  • Christmas Rewind

    I don’t know about you but Christmas is always somewhat of a downer for me. Something about the commercialization of the season, the fact that it now seems to begin well before Thanksgiving, or that nagging feeling that I will simply never be done with all the projects standing in the way prior to the […]