Lest we forget . . . . .

It has always boggled my mind. The fact that World War II bombing raids sometimes consisted of upwards of 1000 heavy bombers at a time is just too much for me to comprehend. Imagine the sound of 4000 Wright Cyclones parting the wind overhead all at once! What an impression it must have made to those on the ground when these waves of aluminum passed overhead.

From time to time something crosses my data stream that is simply too good not to share even if it is from another source. This video was forwarded to me by an American Airlines pilot buddy of mine. The video is of the Commemorative Air Force B-17, “Sentimental Journey,” and their B-25, “Maid in the Shade.” If ever a salute to the aviators of the “Greatest Generation” was made; this is it.

Videotaped in 2010 in high definition over the Superstition Mountains, this short display made by H-5 Productions is one of the finest we have seen. Adjust it to full screen and turn up the sound!

For more on these fine aircraft or the Commemorative Air Force please visit: https://www.azcaf.org/plane/b17g-flying-fortress/

For more on H5 Productions please visit:  https://vimeo.com/h5hd

Our thanks to both of these fine organizations for the making of this little slice of war-bird salve for all the aviation souls out there.

I love it, hope you do too!

Capt. “T”

Tom Speerstra

Author: Tom Speerstra

Tom Speerstra has had an enduring love affair with aviation for over 40 years. Countless adventures have been enjoyed flying students, people, paper, and parcels in everything from Champs to Citations. He has held positions as both Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for Part 135 carriers and holds an ATP, MEII, SES ratings and a Citation type rating. Tom makes his home in Michigan with his wife Elizabeth and Pappy “the dog” Boyington.