To the “Great White North”

For years I have kept a small “tar paper shack” in the middle of nowhere up in the Superior country that is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It has been a place to relax, recharge, and rest. Significant improvements have been made over the years and the result is a really comfortable place to enjoy the quiet of nature while not quite giving up all the comfy things we love like hot showers and flush toilets. All this was achieved with the addition of a bit of ingenuity since the place is basically off grid and void of both running water and electricity. Four wheel drive is highly recommended for getting to the place and it doesn’t even have an address. You know what they say, “Necessity is a mother.”

Since the kids have moved on with their own lives and most of my old buddies have become well; old, and even I have acknowledged the fact that I no longer wish to chase Bambi through the brush in my loin cloth; I have decided to sell out and use what proceeds come my way to enrich my aviation habit.

Several would-be buyers have been eyeing the bait and that has made it necessary for me to make some flights back and forth to the shack for a “showing” as it were. I am once again in awe of the fact that I can simply mount up in the old flying machine and convert a seven hour drive to a two hour flight in order to accommodate them.

I recently shot some video of one of these trips to and from the place in the “Great White North.” I include it here in hopes that you will enjoy the flight as much as I always do.

Keep your nose up in the turn . . .

Capt. “T”

Tom Speerstra

Author: Tom Speerstra

Tom Speerstra has had an enduring love affair with aviation for over 40 years. Countless adventures have been enjoyed flying students, people, paper, and parcels in everything from Champs to Citations. He has held positions as both Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for Part 135 carriers and holds an ATP, MEII, SES ratings and a Citation type rating. Tom makes his home in Michigan with his wife Elizabeth and the two dogs Hess and Pappy.