Flyin’ For Grins

Pilot to Pilot welcomes submissions from all of our pilot friends such as this photo collection offered up by my old “Flyin’ Buddy” Roger Brown. I’ve done some aviating with Roger in the past and when he says he flies for fun, he means it! I got my float plane rating in his GCBC years ago, did some stick time in his old Stearman, and he is currently putting back together an old 46 Champ that my brother Jimmy and I used to own. That Champ is what set the spark off in Roger and he has been having fun with airplanes ever since.

Roger spends his winters in the sunshine state and has been unlucky enough to be named the leader of a loosely bundled group of aging flyers dubbed “The Old Farts Flying Club” from south Florida. It is that club from which he shares the following photo collection of pilots and their toys just out for an afternoon of camaraderie and flying fun.

Great Pix, good looking aircraft and a lot of grins.


Roger Brown

Author: Roger Brown

Retired Printer/Publisher. Private Pilot since 1987 SEL&S. I fly strictly for fun and recreation. Also, as a place to park money that could certainly serve a better purpose elsewhere. I have about 2,500 PIC hours… nearly all is tailwheel or floats. I’ve owned a ratty old stock Stearman since 1990. The Stearman and I have landed in all 48 contiguous United States. (Alaska and Hawaii became states after the Stearman and I came along.) With a lot of help, I restored a Howard DGA15P project, purchased in 2010. The Howard was judged at Oshkosh in 2013 and won a Bronze Lindy. I am a Michigan native, but currently a Florida resident… (Snowbird). I have been dubbed “Ayatollah” of the Old Farts Flying Club of South Florida. We have over 300 names on the mailing list and fly somewhere for lunch every Thursday, during season. We have topped fifty planes at these informal gatherings. Married 46 years, with two kids and four grand kids.

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  1. Avatar N99WR says:

    We’ll be down for The Season, look forward to meeting the group